Thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts to raise money for Daisy and the Merrick family. Due to the overwhelming response we received, we placed a second order for shirts and are now fully stocked on sizes XS-2XL. Keep spreading the word and keep praying for Daisy and the Merricks. 

• Daisy and Isaiah Merrick wearing their 'Daisy Love' shirts
• Timmy Curran and Bobby Martinez wearing their 'Daisy Love' shirts while flipping pancakes at the Pancakes for Daisy event in Santa Barbara

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Hey Hawai'i, it's nice to see you again! Instagram posts since I've been back:

The final week of my road trip consisted of this:

• Just doing normal Pennsylvania stuff... like rambling around on the quad, looking for groundhogs to shoot.

• Pulled into DC for the weekend and saw some of the major sites again.
• A look back at another epic Grand Canyon shot.

• Our host, Dr. Stephen Smiley.
• U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima)

• Tourist central. Good thing I was with a local.
• The Roam Hawai'i girls met up with us as they wrapped up their cross country adventure.

• Seattle was my last stop before heading home. Coffee and a nap in the park at Green Lake with the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Nick Smiley.