Major Shirt Folding Going On!

We got some new tees in as well as restock of older ones! That calls for major folding parties in the shop. I wish we could hire this lady.

Nevermind the fakes!

We've been seeing too many of these floating around the island lately! A lady said she saw someone selling fake ones at the swap meet a few months ago. We even found someone on Ebay selling fakies in over 50 different colors. Please come and buy a real sticker. We're nice and we'll give you a good deal, I promise! Big hugs.

We recently picked up 3 new designs and are in the process of getting them photographed with BrooklynHawaii. They will be available online shortly! in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this little sweetie that our male model friend whipped up. Yeags was home for a short visit last week and did some fine documenting. Try not to get a headache...

We're at the H.I.M.

Aloha folks. Our shop will be closed on Thursday and Saturday. Instead we will be at the H.I.M. conference at the Hawaii Convention Center. Come out and say hi. The hours here are Thursday from 5pm-8:30pm, Friday from 10am-8:30pm, and Saturday from 10am-1:30pm. We have all our stuff and even some new goodies. See you here...