All Delighted People!

Sufjan Stevens recently announced that Oct. 12 he will be releasing on his first full length album since 2005. This is a man gifted by God with some of the best lyrical and songwriting artistry I have ever come across. Humanity, Theology, and the wonder of each—Sufjan communicates these things unlike any other... While we wait for his LOOONG awaited album, first-timers, listen to his album Seven Swans and then you can also move on to his latest EP, All Delighted People —though you really may indulge yourself in any of his other music. Whatever you choose, just do it! Listen to Sufjan.

+ song from the new album can be downloaded here

PLUSSSS keep a heads up for an aftershow post sometime after he plays in LA the month after next!


Here's some recent adventures from the lovely southern milieu of california!

This savers is conveniently located 5 minutes from biola u! sean, aly and I ventured here for some last minute dorm necessities, random nicknacks, and fun clothes.
John dreads took me to some delish mexican food place called puffy tacos. It was excellent.
We ate in the back of his decked out van, oversized seating pillow included.
My roommate, aly, set out to decorate our wall, and it took her all day.
but, as you can see! it was worth it, as is her face.
Newport beach- there's only one pipeline and that's in Hawai'i Nei.
The braves of cold water, extreme sunshine, and scalding sand.
a.l.o.h.a. from cali!


This is gonna make you happy...we are in stock for girls logo in green, blue and black. We also re-stocked black 'pockets empty', 'nothing new', and 'in his hand'. Limited amount, so you might wanna jump on it! Find them here.

Tarp Surfing - Amazing!

Our friends at Surfing the Nations posted this on their facebook page. Looks like fun!

HE>i in Malawi - Part 2

In 2006, HE>i shirts were taken on a mission trip to clothe people of Malawi. In 2010, it happened again.
Here's some photos taken on the recent mission trip.

The O.G. is still hangin' in there.
You can read a blog about the 2006 trip here.

Introducing...trucker hats!

Find them here.

HE>i wristbands!

Find them here.

Daisy’s Song by Dominic Balli

We recently had the privilege of sharing a few meals with the amazing Merrick family while they vacationed on the North Shore. They took some time much needed time off to recuperate after Daisy Love's first battle with cancer. Shortly after leaving the island they found out another large tumor had developed in Daisy's abdomen. They're back home in Santa Barbara now and are continuing to trust God wholeheartedly through Daisy's second battle with cancer.

The very talented Dominic Balli wrote an amazing song for Daisy and it can be downloaded HERE. Head over to Dominic's post to read about it in his words.

Continue to pray for Daisy Love and the Merricks and follow their progress:

HE>letter for August 2010

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On August 1st, we will be flipping the switch on to a new and improved online checkout. Orders will now be safely and securely processed on our site, rather than transferring you to PayPal to checkout. You will still have the option of using PayPal if you want though.

Expanded Hours!
For our HE>i family on the island of Oahu, we are stoked to announce that beginning August 2nd, we will be open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. You can check the contact page of our website for more details.

Also, what this means for our HE>i family outside of Oahu is that your online orders ship out even quicker!

HE>i Photos Page
Check out our new photos page with slideshows of photos you send us! You can check it out here.