Our friend Speech..

It's been a long while and it's about time we broke the silence. We've been pretty busy lately and that tends to make it easy to forget about our little blog. Well that's about to change.
We decided to post a few pictures of our friend Speech and give him a little shout-out. Many of you may recognize him from a little band called Arrested Development (not to be confused with the television show). They were responsible for dropping hits like "Tennessee", "Everyday People", and "Mr. Wendal", which hit the Top Ten Charts back in '92. Where were YOU in '92, Maya? Ha! Anyway... we got hooked up with him through some friends in San Diego and were able to get him some shirts. It's pretty insane that a legend like him would be down to rep our shirts on stage. Proof:

Arrested Development - Everyday People

Arrested Development EPK (2007)

The group's latest album, Since The Last Time was release last year. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!
Speech's Myspace
Speech's Website

Be back soon,