I can't wait for this! Seeing them perform 'You and I' live Chicago the other week was totally mind-blowing! The Peace of Wild Things is set to be released on September 11, 2012. 

The HE>i x The Mission for Daisy Love shirt is now available in the shop and ONLINE!

O'ahu is losing one of its finest. Ranger Brett will be leaving us and moving forward with his career with Army (yep.. that was a Buster Bluth reference). Instead of shipping his lethal blacked out Mini Cooper to Georgia, he had the brilliant idea of sending it to San Diego and driving across the country to visit friends and family along the way. I had to jump on the once in a lifetime opportunity and tag along. Here's a quick update of our epic summer road trip so far:

• I cashed my coin stash in and was pleasantly surprised to find I had $205 in total. Also found out that you don't get hit with the 8% processing fee if you put the money on a Starbucks gift card. That should take care of my iced quad espresso addiction for a bit. •Obligatory mid-flight pic. Thanks Hawaiian Airlines for being the best ever.
• First host for the trip was the legendary Ben Kuenzle. Had an amazing time adventuring around Encinitas and San Diego with this fellow.
• Made a few necessary stops while we were in town. Ortiz's Tacos for a California Burrito, Aloha Sunday, and Coffee + Tea Collective in North Park. 

• Packed and ready for the road.

• First stop, Joshua Tree National Park.


• The Grand Canyon. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen.


• Monument Valley and Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.


• Extreme terrain change in Colorado.

• Went for a run in Kansas City and was surprised to find that treat. It actually wasn't even that bad but it made me feel like a legit runner. • Liberty Memorial at the WWI Museum in Kansas City. Shout out to Andy and Mallory Studebaker, and Zeke Markshausen for being amazing hosts.

• Lunch at the Bagel Deli in Denver was a success. • Super stylish Australian Military uniform from WWI.

• Chicago's Wicker Park will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to Tokar, Pagh and Freddy for killer hospitality and good times!

• One of the biggest treats of the trip was seeing Paper Route and mewithoutYou play at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Excited to hear the new album. • Boating at sunset in Pennsylvania.
• Downtown Chicago from the "beach" (the shore of Lake Michigan). • Found the perfect keepsake to sum up the road trip. Vintage 48 star flag from the Lewisburg farmers market in PA.

The man, myth and legend, Ben Kuenzle, doing summer in San Diego proper (while wearing our denim snapback and fresh Aloha Sunday tee). Great video work Quinn Myers!
Kate Merrick's latest update:

Daisy is home and happy to be working in the garden! What a long week…

Now we wait. We wait for Daisy’s body to recover, wait for the CT scan, and wait for her to be well enough to travel.

We tend to think of waiting as a fruitless endeavor, but that is not always the case. We plan on making the most of our waiting game; there is so much to be learned and accomplished. As the days go by we are deepening the roots of our love as a family. There is something to be said for a clear schedule and abundant time. Teachable moments arise daily, for all of us. We are so aware that the very rhythms of life have a beauty of their own. From picking zucchini out of the garden and serving it hours later to hanging clothes on the line together. Dancing in the living room, reading in a fort, telling corny jokes, doing chores… They all have a sweetness peppered with the reality of the fragrance of suffering. It’s funny how a little bit of salt makes the chocolate taste better; a little bitter makes the seemingly mundane a delicious treat. We are grateful for time, even in the form of waiting. We are grateful to suck the marrow out of life, whether we are in treatment or remission, whether busy or still. I encourage you, our sweet friends and prayer warriors, to stop today and watch a spider spin a web, to eat summer produce and let it drip off your chin, to look at your loved ones with new eyes, not looking to “fix” but to forgive. Not to “survive” but to savor.

I sound sappy today, but I never cease to feel this way after being released from the hospital. As I have said before, in the words of a wise woman I know of, today is all any of us have.

James 1:17
Whatever is good and perfect came down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.