Brett's Trip to Africa

Ranger Brett recently ventured to Africa with some old football teammates from Wheaton to partner with some missionary friends in thier sustainable agriculture venture ( / I loaded up my Lomo LCA+ with a fresh roll of 35mm film and sent it off with him. These are the images he came back with:

Always ride on the roof rack


26 hands + a donkey... unstuck

Viva Don Simon!



A better way to farm

Green from the first rains

Monkey Hunting

Celebrating his return to the island with a proper plate lunch from Koi Bistro

Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction

Made it a point to check out the last Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction this past Saturday. A solid hour and a half was spent walking around drooling over old boards and amazing surf memorabilia. The vintage photos, stickers, and logos/artwork kept me snapping pics left and right. Some of my favorites are pictured below.

Legendary Mr. Mark Cunningham & his aloha shirt collection

How times have changed... very thankful for my GoPro :)

Amazing penmanship!

Scotty Smiley on The Huckabee Show

Trevor Davis - Larger Than Me

Thanks to Ranger Brett's good friend (the handsome chap in the middle with the Quik hat on), Ben Kuenzle, Wheaton College posted a rad story about the Best Ranger Competition on their site. Read the full article here.

The Tiger (Kawela Bay ’10)

At this very moment, this photo I snapped of Kainoa's board has 5,131 notes on Tumblr. That's kind of amazing! 

Josh Garrels @ Surfers Coffee Bar