An Old Jam

This song brings back many memories for us.

Lots of spazz-rock dance sesions were had to this song. What happend to them?
Raw rock kills.

Shop Neeeewwwzzz!!

Just a few rando shop photos!

Brooklyn whipped up some mean batches of buttons and cell phone stickz.

New hangtags that we had printed up. Too bad they forgot to put drillholes in all 2,000 of them! Squidzz.

New bidness cards! Kainoa's got sent without a back print. Yep, 1,000 Blanky McBlankersons. Then they sent 1,000 replacements of the wrong card. We keep getting served by all these Calibarn companies. Ps. Those aren't my purp nails.

And lastly, the shop ladies. Some sweet lil Nick Georgiou prints from Goodwill!
Aloha oe, until we meet again! Shaka to ya maddah.

Flash at Honolulu Design Center

Thanks to all who came, I cannot believe how AMAZING my friends are. So Stoked!!

Alana Kysar, my support system. Makeup by Gemina. =)

Super CW blogging us up! Woo!

My photography displayyyy, thanks to Kaimana and Clark!!

Lovely gimp boyfriend made an appearance.

Kaimanus Plemus. He's the brain behind everything.

Meeeean da girls. Toosh, me, Alanadangdang, & aunty Kera.

Krista girl working the runway

Lili is a cool kid.

It's a bang sandwich. Loveeee these ladies to death.

Kanoa Chung-a-lung in the house.

My fajah. Looks like we're in a heated debate. But we love each other dearly.
Love you guys.


Shop Update

Check out our shnazzy little rack!