From LA to Tahoe...

Fake snow is fun, but there's nothing like the real stuff. So! I spent Christmas in a real winter setting and said goodbye to Southern California's low of 50 degrees. But of course, I can't wait to get back to Hawai'i Nei!


Mokes (the place.. and people)

Pa'ala Kai Bakery.

the best pair of trunks ever made.

g e m on etsy.

just a little note to announce the launch of my online etsy shop, GEM. postings have only been up for a week and already two sales! woot woot! rings, hair clips, necklaces, earrings, etc. most pieces are made with vintage finds, and all pieces are one of a kind. order now to get your gem in time for christmas! have a peek!

p.s. i'll be h o m e on christmas eve. can't wait to se all of my hawaii fam & friends!
xx, alana


To me, the best cases for Christianity are when people actually bear the fruit that they say they are going to bear. To me, that is the most compelling reason to think anything or do anything or to respect a confession. A confession of belief on it’s own is just the most flaccid thing.
-David Bazan in an interview with Joshua Watson

If you have never heard of David Bazan, he's someone hard to forget. Former lead singer of Pedro the Lion, graduate of Philadelphia College of Bible, and now an Agnostic Doubters' Witness, Bazan has left his previous Christian beliefs to stand up for his unusual point of view. Last Thursday he performed at Biola, inducing questions of faith and inadvertently strengthening everyone from firm Christians to wandering believers.

Check out the interview with Bazan and more photos from Jordan Nakamura

Such a brilliant piece of work. Well done, Blaine Hogan.

Ke Iki Evening