HE>i on the Seattle Gum Wall

A good kid named Ryan Moore sent us an email a few months ago about a rad little endeavor he set out on. He and his girlfriend, Erin, chewed up a whopping 57 pieces of gum and made a HE>i logo on the famous Pike Place Market gum wall. I was just there last week but fully spaced and missed seeing it in real life. Next time. Here are a few of the photos Ryan sent us.

Local Natives Live @ Mississippi Studios

Local Natives @ Mississippi Studios 5/27/10 from kaimanimal on Vimeo.

While visiting Portland last week we were able to see Local Natives play at the Mississippi Studios. It was a cool venue in a rad little neighborhood. The show sold out over a month ago but we were able to snag a few last minute tickets from the guy running the show. It was hands down one of my favorite shows of all time. Hopefully they'll make it to Hawaii one of these days. Watch the vid and see how things get fancy right 'round the 2:11 mark. Owww!