Sorting through my photo library today.

Shout out to Caleb Brown for sending us this rad photo of him and his crew decked out at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas!

The shop is in the middle of getting a little makeover. We've made good progress and will continue to move along with the remodel. More pictures coming soon!
Recent shop tunes:

Finally developed my LC-A+ film from Washington and Idaho. 

Thrice's newest album Major/Minor came out today. These guys have been very influential over the past 10+ years and I'm excited to start chewing on this new set of songs.

Hypebeast recently did a quick interview with a guy I'm a big fan of. His style, work ethic, and vision are all top notch and respectable. Check it out HERE.

Jimmy is a talented friend from San Diego that recently put out an awesome album. I get happy every time one of his tunes come on the shop playlist. Go give it a listen.

Beautifully done!
snapped by: jayadores

Table spin to see who's buying dessert. New form of credit card roulette!