crappy job

Our toilet at the shop overflowed quite a bit today and I got to clean it up. Yay. I'll spare you of the pictures.

As is expected during the Christmas season, things are hectic but fun.

You can see in the online shop that we're out of stock on some sizes, especially our logo shirts. We will be re-stocked in all sizes shortly after Christmas. Thanks for your patience and have a Merry Christmas!


December HE>letter

Aloha HE>i family!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season. We are currently having an online sale. This is only good online and only good through Wednesday, December 16, so you've got to be quick. There is a special link that you must go to, and here it is:

Select tees are just $14.99 and as always...shipping is free!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Look out for the next newsletter in January, 2010.


RGB TEES + more!

We added some new tees and stickers to repertoire earlier this week. We also have the black "Most High" hoodie in stock. We've gotten word that our shades will be delivered any day now. Keep an eye out for those!



If you weren't there, you missed a memorable evening. REVO is a movement founded by our sister, an extraordinary woman, Ms. Nina Brav. This last Sunday night in the city of Los Angeles, the artsy and well dressed gathered to admire and be inspired. The wide range of mediums, stretched almost as long as the list of talented artists. If you haven't ever heard of REVO and would like to know more about the future of this movement, visit this site to get the low down.
Here are the snaps I got of the night. Enjoy!


Owl City!

HOO likes Owl City? WE DO! BAMP PROJECT is bringing Owl City and Mae to Honolulu on Nov. 28th. Tickets go on sale this Monday. Yowww!

PS. We've got something exciting up our sleeves. Stay tuned!

Confide - Such Great Heights

Here's the final product of Confide's new video. Owwww! Their cd is out now too so be sure to check it out!


Our friend Kahana over at Jedidiah whipped up a little mix of tunes for your listening pleasure. Click the photo and check out the track list and download the bugger.


HE>i in Malawi

Our talented friend, Sean Arakawa, recently came back from a missions trip to Malawi. While there, he was able to capture some amazing photos with his shnazzy little Cosina CX-2. Sean sent us an email the other day with some snaps of kids still wearing their HE>i tees from '06! Pretty amazing. Sadly Sean just left us to attend Biola University. Expect great things in the future from this fine chap.

"Hey guys! For fun I only brought a film camera to Malawi this year -and the photos turned out -amazingly! Happened to get a few shots of some kids still wearing their shirts... these photos were taken on a Sunday - when the village wears their best clothes... and these two kids had kept their shirts in almost new condition... a very hard thing for me to do even in the two weeks I was there... there were other kids with your stuff as well with shirts tattered and torn... I only wish I could have gottenphotos of them but this wall photo, for example, was basically a miracle... it's hard to organize the kids or at least avoid a mob :) hope you guys enjoy! Aloha"


August Newsletter!

Aloha HE>i family!

We have some exciting news...shipping for all t-shirts is now FREE! Go ahead, see for yourself. We used to charge $5 per shirt. Not anymore. We appreciate your support and want to show it. Shipping for all other items are still in effect.

We want your HE>i photos! We will be making a page in the photos section of our website that showcases your photos. Send us photos of 1) you wearing your HE>i shirts, hoodies and shades 2) sporting your stickers on cars, cell phones, guitars, and anyting else 3) your tattoos of HE>i 4) and anyting else having to do with HE>i. Send the pictures to

Here's some examples of what we're looking for:

Look out for the next newsletter in early September.


Diplo going mad!

HE>i x Ballard Door Collab

Haha. Check the handiwork!

Dat New New!

We added a few sorta-new tees to the online store today. We've had these shirts available in the shop for quite some time now and finally got them online.

Just click SHOP and buy 'em up.

Also, people have been asking about the polaroids. Easy beezy!!

Making of Confide's Video

Covering Such Great Heights by The Postal Service. Brilliant!

Heel Bruise

Our friends over at Heel Bruise just released their line of tees for summer!

Here's my personal favorite. This old photo of Lance Mountain is looking a bit like our boy Kanoa Chung. Classic. Check out the rest of the collection here.

Be sure to keep an eye on the goods that will continue to come from these guys.

Contrast Magazine

Some interviews from the North Shore issue are now viewable online!

Check out our little write-up along with others done by Zen Yoshifuku.
Expect great things to come from the brains behind this operation!