Owl City - In Christ Alone

Here's a new cover of In Christ Alone that Adam Young/Owl City recorded and posted on his blog. Pretty amazing. Have a listen..

Entitled In Christ Alone, written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend.

Head over to his blog to read the rest of the entry that went along with the new tune. Brilliant.

Owl City Music

IN4 Photo Adventure

Had the pleasure of watching my awkward sibling shoot in4mation's fall line the other day. Lots of prime pieces will soon be hitting the shelves hard. Here are a few behind the scenes hipstamatic shots from the second half of the shoot.

Super stoked on the talent that is comin' in hot from little ol' Hawaii. Just to name a few:

Dustin Kensrue - Sneaking Past the Watchful Dragons

An amazing interview done by Ransom.tv. Be sure to check Christian Hosoi's interview as well as Aaron Gillespie's.

Ps. Thanks Randy Charlson for bringing this to my attention. ♥ u.

Back The Tree Ring!

Go over to The Tree Ring's Kickstarter page and back this amazing project. There are 27 days left to pledge and they are nearing their goal amount of $5,000. Hurry!

Acoustic and Cupcoustic Tunes

Everywhere by Evan Wickham

Shout out to rad dads! Try keeping a straight face while watching this.

So we ate away our homesickness...

It's been a little over a month since a group of country raised kids from the North Shore of O'ahu left for the big CA. Mashed potatoes and grilled chicken, with a side of salad- this regimen of American food just can't quell one's stomach when katsu chicken and kalbi ribs are within 7 miles. So! We ventured to Marukai market and ate at Kau Kau Korner, properly named for its local kine food. And let me tell you, it may not have felt like Hale'iwa, but it tasted a lot better than the best fast food chain could've achieved. As you can see, I devoured my chicken katsu curry plate, mac salad and all. The desired kanak attack followed. Yewwww!

Helm & Anchor

Check out this rad little video update from our globetrotting friends over at Helm & Anchor. More amazing photos and videos at their site: helmandanchor.com

Misc Photos

I've been rummaging through my film folder and thought I'd share these with you.

Peacock on the loose at Waimea Valley. Taken with Lomo LC-A+.

One of last mellow evenings at Waimea Bay. Taken with Lomo LC-A+.

Aunty, the ladder climbing cat. Taken with Yashica T4.

Morning at the bay with Makelah. Taken with Lomo LC-A+ & Krab Underwater Housing.

Waimea, of course. Taken with Superheadz Golden Half Camera.

St. Peter and Paul Church. Taken with Superheadz Golden Half Camera.

Fine lads. Taken with Holga Shironeko.

Capt. Dave setting Kainoa's catch free. Taken with Yashica T4.

Auntyyyy! Taken with Yashica T4.

Uncle Jess sailing Kawela Bay. Taken with Yashica T4.

Moepono Head! Taken with Yashica T4.

Check the perfect form/reach/extension. Tyler aka Phelps. Taken with Lomo LC-A+ & Krab Underwater Housing.

Little guys. Taken with Lomo LC-A+ & Krab Underwater Housing.

'O'io fuh dayssss. Taken with Lomo LC-A+ & Krab Underwater Housing.

I could stare at these lines forever. Bottom of the bay. Taken with Lomo LC-A+ & Krab Underwater Housing.

Jonah's new wheels. Taken with Holga Shironeko.

Visited the original. Thanks for the caffeine addiction. Taken with Lomo LC-A+.

Book Club.

Got my paws full with all of these right now:

Actually, I finished Hope Unseen in a 24 hour period. I couldn't put the thing down.. What're you reading?

Chrome stickers!

Find them here.