Lo'i is the Hawaiian word for the taro patch system.  This remarkable plant is a staple of the Hawaiian culture, and serves as a symbol of God's wisdom and design.  From top to bottom, the taro plant is 100% usable, and the base of the stem (Huli) can be replanted for future produce.  Situated next to mountain streams, a Lo'i receives the cold water which filters through rows of taro plants, exiting through the roots and then back to the stream.  The taro leaves (Lu'au), and roots (Kalo), are edible and nutritious.  The famous Hawaiian Poi is made from pounding the roots with water.  High in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, Poi also doubles as a hypoallergenic superfood that sustains lactose intolerant infants.  Historically, Hawaiians would have numerous patches with different planting stages for year-round sustainability.  God has inspired our hearts with the design of the Lo'i.  From top to bottom he has specific uses for us.  He has planned our survival, reminded us of our purposes, and is the architect of our existence in the stream.