Our friend Speech..

It's been a long while and it's about time we broke the silence. We've been pretty busy lately and that tends to make it easy to forget about our little blog. Well that's about to change.
We decided to post a few pictures of our friend Speech and give him a little shout-out. Many of you may recognize him from a little band called Arrested Development (not to be confused with the television show). They were responsible for dropping hits like "Tennessee", "Everyday People", and "Mr. Wendal", which hit the Top Ten Charts back in '92. Where were YOU in '92, Maya? Ha! Anyway... we got hooked up with him through some friends in San Diego and were able to get him some shirts. It's pretty insane that a legend like him would be down to rep our shirts on stage. Proof:

Arrested Development - Everyday People

Arrested Development EPK (2007)

The group's latest album, Since The Last Time was release last year. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!
Speech's Myspace
Speech's Website

Be back soon,


We've heard quite a few stories of people getting HE>i tattooed on them. That's pretty intense/amazing. Here's an actual photo of one of the many we've heard about. We'll post more if we see them.

Shaka brah.

Malawi/CJ/Phil Wickham

Back in '06, a friend named Jason Simpson had a vision of hundreds of little african children running around in HE>i shirts. 700+ shirts were sent with a team that went to Malawi, Africa. The shirts were gifts for the kids kids in the orphanage as well as the volunteer staff. Jason raised $9,000 to pay for production of the shirts but less than 1/3 of it covered all production costs. The remaining money was spent on supplies and services for the orphanage. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and God for bringing Jason's vision to life.

Our good friend Chris Johnson took these photos a year later while visiting Malawi. Check back soon to learn more about Chris and his Photography.

If you haven't already heard, our talented friend Phil Wickham has recorded a live album that is amazing and available for download. Just click the picture above a follow the directions. We've had this album on repeat lately! You will too. No dou-b-t aboudit.

Shine on.


Had a little Labor Day gathering on the west side yesterday. Yokohama Bay was killer as always. Here are a couple of photos from the day.

Watermelon + Spam Musubis + Apple Iced Tea + Soft Top Boards = A SOLID DAY!

We just added a new item to the online store. It's a sweet little selection of HE>i buttons and cell phone stickers, packaged by Brooklyn herself. Buy them up!


Another bbq for the history books..

Marissa had a big bag of pogs laying around for some reason. So we decided to bust them out for some old school gaming.

The O.G.

21 fingers decides who goes first.

HI-YA! Krista in action!

Beardnard steps up to the plate.

Time to grind! Aunties always go first.

Relocated to a new air conditioned spot. Game on!

Bag Lady going big.

Intense Mexican.

Yeah, son!


Kolo with the running start.

Everyone got wiped out after a while. This macking stack was unflippable. Big dummy.

Misses don't count. Unless you miss twice. Then you're a goner.


An Old Jam

This song brings back many memories for us.

Lots of spazz-rock dance sesions were had to this song. What happend to them?
Raw rock kills.

Shop Neeeewwwzzz!!

Just a few rando shop photos!

Brooklyn whipped up some mean batches of buttons and cell phone stickz.

New hangtags that we had printed up. Too bad they forgot to put drillholes in all 2,000 of them! Squidzz.

New bidness cards! Kainoa's got sent without a back print. Yep, 1,000 Blanky McBlankersons. Then they sent 1,000 replacements of the wrong card. We keep getting served by all these Calibarn companies. Ps. Those aren't my purp nails.

And lastly, the shop ladies. Some sweet lil Nick Georgiou prints from Goodwill!
Aloha oe, until we meet again! Shaka to ya maddah.

Flash at Honolulu Design Center

Thanks to all who came, I cannot believe how AMAZING my friends are. So Stoked!!

Alana Kysar, my support system. Makeup by Gemina. =)

Super CW blogging us up! Woo!

My photography displayyyy, thanks to Kaimana and Clark!!

Lovely gimp boyfriend made an appearance.

Kaimanus Plemus. He's the brain behind everything.

Meeeean da girls. Toosh, me, Alanadangdang, & aunty Kera.

Krista girl working the runway

Lili is a cool kid.

It's a bang sandwich. Loveeee these ladies to death.

Kanoa Chung-a-lung in the house.

My fajah. Looks like we're in a heated debate. But we love each other dearly.
Love you guys.