Au revoir..

HE>i wristbands are back!

Find them here.

Here's a little inspiration for ya...

Scotty with Team USA Basketball from Doug Crandall on Vimeo.

Capt. Scotty Smiley's book "Hope Unseen" was released last week. Go out and buy 1 10!

"53 Miles Per Burrito"

—went on a latenight ride to the TacoBELL drive-through with biola kids Drew, Valerie, and Jessica AND got to test out my Nimslo with a flash... 



The Mission

On September 12, the doors will open. 'The Mission' is a church in Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. You can learn more about the movement at

Happy Labor Day

Our shop is closed today in observance of Labor Day. Enjoy it!

New Camera Love

After being inspired by the photography of Jaime Martinez, I bought myself this thing off ebay. I have a new camera love: the NIMSLO 3D. 

 For 3D-ness click a photo

T-Tron Mid-Flight
In the kitchen with something organic and something of great value...