Tomorrow night at the Hale'iwa Gym:

Looking forward to the day when I own something from this fine man's amazing collection!
Instagram update:

xo, @kaimanimal

Sent a few things over to a good guy by the name of Tug the other day. He's on board with The Rock and Worship Roadshow (MercyMe, Lecrae, Hawk Nelson, and more), which is currently making its way across the country. Check their site for dates and tour info. 

Our office space is quickly taking shape. Nakamura brothers are making things happen!

Did a quick little search on Instagram today and was pleased to find a decent amount of #HEgreaterthani #HEisgreaterthani #HE>i tags. I'll keep an eye out for more and post a few of them every now and then. Tag away!











InstaHawaii is happening this Friday! I'm pretty psyched that my submission was selected as one of the 24 in this brilliant event. Here are a few of the other winners: