Opening your Mail application can sometimes be a daunting task. Last chance deals, online sales, new releases, dream vacations, spam (thanks to friends who think they're reeeeeal funny *coughBRETTcough*) and random questions all pile up in an orderly line. Monday mornings are infamous for accumulating an unnecessary amount of these. As I embarked on my organizing adventure a few weeks ago, I came across one with a subject that was a little out of the ordinary. "Encouragement for your Monday morning" stuck out like a sore thumb. The email read as follows:

Hey friends,

My name is Katie, and I semi-recently stopped by the HE>i store with my team from Invisible Children while we were on our national tour. I just wanted send you a quick line of encouragement saying how cool it was to get to see your shop and the positive influence you are having on your community. It's awesome to see the Lord bless the simple mission to become less while making more of Christ.

The graphic I included is meant for nothing more than your enjoyment. It is inspired by my desire to go back to Hawaii for a more permanent stay, but my knowledge that in my daily pursuit of the Lord is where I'll find true delight. 

Keep up the great work and know that you are an encouragement and light in this world.

Aloha from South Carolina,

This email carried a lot of weight and I'm thankful for thoughtful people that are doing great things in this world. Keep fighting the good fight, Katie!