Smiley Vacation 2011

Here's lil batch of photos from my recent cross-country travels. It's nice to be back in warm weather but I miss all the AMAZING people I spent time with along the way. Lots of film to come in the near future.

Nick working on his Chopin piece.

Fearless squirrel in a park near the Washington Monument.

Rex at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Washington Monument.

Can't remember what building this was.

Equestrian Statue of Andrew Jackson (definitely Googled that one).

Caught a bus from DC to NYC and got dropped off right here.

TJ in the Times Square Billabong store.

"Louis, Louis! Chanel!"

El Capitan! The amazing man that is Scotty Smiley. Tyler and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with him and his family at West Point. Keeping calm on a chaotic morning...

Stephen, back from the dead. Poor guy turned into a zombie for a week thanks to "The Plague" from Pasco.