a letter from one in the HE>i family


my name's kara and i live on the mainland. i first heard of you when i saw olivia the band play here a few times way back in '04 or something like that. during easter break my family and i usually go to the big island or oahu to visit family and friends and just to have fun and relax. last year i went to your shop down in waialua and got shirts, stickers, and pins.

i absolutely love what your logo stands for and have really tried to put it into practice in my life..TRIED..doesn't mean i'm always successful but it's become one of my top goals with my relationship with God. i've been struggling a lot with my relationship with God but i see your logo and it always reminds me that God is ALWAYS greater and it helps me in some ways. so thank you for this reminder and support through a simple design.

much love,