HE>i in Malawi

Our talented friend, Sean Arakawa, recently came back from a missions trip to Malawi. While there, he was able to capture some amazing photos with his shnazzy little Cosina CX-2. Sean sent us an email the other day with some snaps of kids still wearing their HE>i tees from '06! Pretty amazing. Sadly Sean just left us to attend Biola University. Expect great things in the future from this fine chap.

"Hey guys! For fun I only brought a film camera to Malawi this year -and the photos turned out -amazingly! Happened to get a few shots of some kids still wearing their shirts... these photos were taken on a Sunday - when the village wears their best clothes... and these two kids had kept their shirts in almost new condition... a very hard thing for me to do even in the two weeks I was there... there were other kids with your stuff as well with shirts tattered and torn... I only wish I could have gottenphotos of them but this wall photo, for example, was basically a miracle... it's hard to organize the kids or at least avoid a mob :) hope you guys enjoy! Aloha"